Come and discover one of the best countries for variety of birdlife guided by Uganda's most experienced birding guides. With over 1000 bird species, Uganda is truly a birders heaven. We will take you through humid savannas of Queen Elizabeth National, swamps, tropics of Murchison falls and Budongo, Bwindi, Echuya, Kibale Forest reserves, trek through beautiful landscapes of Mburo N.P, countryside and we guarantee you to view the rare and endemic species including Africa's best Shoebill.                                                                         

Trip Highlights

  • Rare Bird species including shoebill
  • Rare mountain gorilla encounter
  • Explore Lake Bunyonyi-Africa's second deepest lake
  • Game drives
  • Tree climbing lions
  • Boat Cruises on Kazinga Channel
  • Encounter illusive chimpanzees
  • Discover numerous crater lakes
  • Experience Murchison Falls-World's most powerful waterfall
  • Birding at Royal Mile
  • Enjoy rhino experience at Ziwa sanctuary
  • Meet and interact with locals.

Detailed itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Uganda

Our experienced bird guide driver will meet you at the airport in Entebbe upon your arrival and transfer you to your hotel of choice in Kampala. Depending on the time of arrival, we may start our safari with bird watching around the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe before transfers to the city. Overnight Kampala (BB)

Day 2: Uganda Bird watching safari to Mabamba Bay

Visit the Mabamba Village and its adjacent swamp for a birding affair. Mabamba bay, a labyrinth of channels and lagoons is located about 52 km from Kampala. This is a home to Red-headed Lovebird, African Crowned-Hornbills, and a range of sunbirds including the Green-headed, Green, Red-chested, Collared, Marico and Scarlet-chested. At Mabamba, you will have the best chance to see the shoebill stork. You will enter the swamp with a small boat to look for this huge and prehistoric-looking bird. After this awesome birding, you will proceed to Lake Mburo National Park for an overnight at Lake Mburo Safari Lodge; while driving through the park; you will not miss Lesser Masked Weaver- bird and many more.

Day 3

Rise up early to explore the birding hotspots of Lake Mburo including the swampy valleys of Warukiri and Miriti, and the roadsides between Rwonyo camp and the jetty. There are also ideally-situated viewing platforms at the salt lick, in Miriti Valley, and in Rubanga Forest. You will view the Rufous-bellied Heron, Bateleur, Coqui Francolin, Grey Crowned Crane, Black-bellied Bustard, Brown-chested Lapwing, Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove, Brown Parrot, Red-headed Lovebird, Ross's Turaco, Bare-faced Go-away-bird, Green Wood-hoopoe, Common Scimitarbill, White-headed Barbet, Red-faced Barbet, Nubian Woodpecker, Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike, Long-tailed Cisticola, Yellow-breasted Apalis, White-winged Tit and Finfoot among others. Return to your lodge for refreshment and lunch
In afternoon, you will be taken to Rubanga Forest (accessed by a vehicle or on foot). This is a real draw for keen birders with rare Red-faced Barbet among many other species. Overnight at Lake Mburo Safari Lodge (BB)

Days 4: Lake Bunyonyi

After an early breakfast you pick drive to Lake Bunyonyi- that was regarded as the most beautiful lake of the world by BBC. The word "Bunyonyi" in the local language means, 'the place of very many little birds' and this deepest Lake in Africa indeed hosts several birds. The Lake is Bilharzia-free and has no crocodiles and Hippos; making it very safe to swim. You will enjoy the scenery and relax and have amazing birding experience on a boat ride. Overnight at Heritage Lodge Tented Camp.

Day 5: Echuya Forest and drive to Ruhinja

Echuya Forest sits on one of Kigezi hills and is one of the biggest surviving bamboo forest in Uganda. Here you will find the regal and the blue-headed sunbird, the red-faced woodland warbler and the Rwenzori batis, cinnamon bracken warbler, African harrier-hawk, African hill bubler, Chubb's cisticola, cinnamon-chested bee-eater and the white-tailed blue flycatcher. In the afternoon drive to Ruhija at the extreme side of Bwindi Impenetrable which is another bird paradise. Overnight at Trekkers Tavern Cottages (FB).

Day 6: Ruhija Hike

After an early breakfast you will be led to the Waterfall Trail where you spot the Lagdon's bush shrike, francolins and various apalis species. There is also a chance to see one of the 20 endangered species as the African green boardbill and the Grauer's rush warblers. Overnight at Trekkers Tavern, Cottages (FB)

Day 7: Transfer to Buhoma

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Buhoma in the north of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve. Forest, the area not only famous because of gorillas, but also extremely interesting for birders as it hosts 350 species of birds; and 23 of them endemic to this forest!
In the afternoon you will go for a short walk on the Muyanga River Trail with the chance to encounter blue kingfisher. Overnight at Buhoma Gorilla Lodge (FB)

Day 8: Optional Gorilla tracking or Bamboo trail

Start early for an extended walks in and around Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Reserve. On this walk you have a good chance to find the black-billed turaco, dusky and barred long-tailed cuckoos, bar-tailed trogon, black bee-eater, grey-throated barbet, Petit's cuckoo-shrike, Alliot's woodpecker, red-tailed bulbul, mountain and icterine and yellow-whiskered greenbulls, white-bellied robin-chat, white-tailed ant-thrush, rusty-faced warbler, white-browed crombeck, yellow-eyed black flycatcher, white-tailed blue flycatcher, white-tailed crested monarch, narrow-tailed starling, McKinnon's grey shrike, Luhder's and Doherty's bush-shrikes and black-headed waxbill. If you opt for a gorilla tracking on this day instead of the proposed program, you will need to $600 (per person) in advance.

Day 9: Ishasha and Queen Elizabeth N.P

After breakfast, you will leave for Queen Elizabeth National Park through the Ishasha sector, frequently stopping for birding along the way. In Ishasha, you will do a game-drive looking for the tree-climbing lions and the rich birdlife of this area. Here you can find for example the black bee-eater, the broad billed roller, the Cassin's grey flycatcher, the Ross's Turaco and the double toothed barbet.

A safari through Queen Elizabeth National Park that boasts impressive Crater Lake scenery, expansive grasslands, papyrus swamps and tropical forests offers a rare opportunity to see huge herds of Elephants and Buffalos, hunting Lions, Leopards, and a diverse array of birds. It contains Uganda's best game populations as well as some of Uganda's best bird watching sites, an incredible bird list of 610 bird species and an overwhelming record of 296 species in a single day, makes this birding site the highest not only in Uganda but in Africa!

Depending on time of arrival, some late afternoon birding might produce views of the African Morning Dove, Grey-headed Kingfisher, Black-headed Gonolek, Slender-billed, Yellow-backed and Lesser-masked Weavers, Pin-tailed Whydah and Black-winged Pratincole.

Day 10: Birding in Queen Elizabeth National and on Kazinga Channel

After an early breakfast, you will take a game drive in the park towards the Kasenyi trail. The game drive will take you through a productive area of grassy plains with a variety of stork species including the remarkable Saddle-billed and Woolly necked Storks. Other species include the Bateleur, Grey Kestrel, Lappet-faced, Ruppell's Griffon, White-backed and Palm-nut Vultures, African Crake, Black Coucal, Common Button, Harlequin and Black-rumped Quails, Red-necked Spurfowl, Rufous-naped and Flappet Larks. You will not miss mammals including Uganda Kobs, Lions, Warthogs, Bush Bucks, Deffassa Waterbucks, Spotted Hyenas, Leopards and many others. Return to your lodge for lunch and refreshment

In the afternoon, go for a launch tour at Kazinga Channel where you have an excellent birding experience. You will be blessed with congregations of African Skimmers, Great-white and Pink-backed Pelicans, Great and Long-tailed Cormorants, Open-billed Stork, African Skimmer, White-faced Whistling Duck, Marsh, Wood and Common Sandpipers, Malachite Kingfisher, African Jacana, African Wattled Plover. The cruise also gives you an opportunity to see herds of Elephants, Giant Forest Hogs, Buffalos, Monitor lizards, Crocodiles and the abundant Hippopotamus.

Day 11: Travel to Kibale Forest.

Driving the green country side on the way to Kibale Forest National Park offers you great birding stopovers. You should be very restless to reach Kibale as this park protects a diverse bird-list and array of primates including the illusive chimpanzee. Reach early for lunch and be checked in your room, refresh and prepare for an evening walk to see some good numbers and species.

Day 12: Birding and/or Chimp Tracking in Kibale and Bigodi Swamp

If you are you choose to go for Chimps (need to pay $150 extra for permit), you will be taken to a briefing point where park authorities will prepare you for a chimp encounter. This is a two affair as you will be able to view bird species including African Emerald Cuckoo, Purple-headed Starling, Black-billed Turacco, Yellow-billed Barbet, Grey-throated Barbet, Blue-throated Roller, Narrow-tailed Starling, Western Black-headed Oriole, Yellow-throated and Yellow-rumped Tinkerbirds.
You can stick decide to stick to birding and taking well designed trails that will offer you amazing encounters.

In the afternoon, your guide will take to Bigodi swamp for a bird-walk where you will be able to see the great blue turaco, papyrus gonolek, grey-throated, yellow-billed, yellow-spotted, double-toothed barbets, the speckled, yellow-rumped and yellow-throated tinker-barbets; yellow-bill, brown eared woodpecker; blue troathed roller; grey parrot; red-capped and snowy-headed robin-chats, grosbeak and northern brown-throated weaver.

Day 13: Drive to Masindi

You will enjoy great birding stops on your way until you reach Masindi where you will check in one of the Uganda's charming old hotel, visited by some famous people back in the days. You have time to relax in the evening.

Day 14: Birding at the Famous Royal Mile

Wake up early to walk the Royal Mile track which is part of Budongo Forest Reserve, one of Uganda's best and pristine forests with incredible biodiversity including 9 different primates and 360species of birds. Here, you can choose to spend either full or half day in the coolest environment to view and listen to different bird species sing for you.

On this track you are able to spot African dwarf, blue-breasted and chocolate-backed kingfishers, Cassin's hawk eagle, Nahan's partridge, white-thighed hornbill, yellow-billed barbet, lemon-billed and lemon-bellied crombec, black-capped apalis, forest and chestnut-caped and yellow-footed flycatchers, Jameson's wattle-eye, Ituri bati and black-eared ground thrus.

After this great walk and encounter, you will drive even deeper in the forest to spend a night at Budongo Eco Lodge, which sits in the heart of Budongo forest. Choose short birding-walk or stay at your lodge enjoying the calm forest environment.

Day 15: Cross to Murchison Falls

After breakfast, you will continue your journey into Murchison Falls N.P, be ready to enjoy the stunning nature of Uganda's largest park with its extended wildlife and birdlife along the Nile and in the savanna plains. Overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge (FB)

Day 16: Boat on the Delta & Game Drive in Murchison Falls Park

You will take a long boat safari to the delta on the Albert Nile where you will see the rare Shoebill, fish-eagle, Goliath heron, saddle-billed stork, African jacana, pied and malachite kingfishers, African skimmer, piac-piac, rock pratincole, black-winged red bishop, yellow-mantled widowbird and, depending on the season, some migrates. Don't miss the nesting and colorful red-throated bee-eaters on escarpments along the Nile.

Return to your lodge for lunch and relax before taking a game drive to observe the elephants, giraffes, lions, leopards and many different antelope in the afternoon. This will drive too will enrich your bird-list.

Day 17: Boat Cruise to View waterfalls and more birds

In the morning, you will take boat safari towards Murchison Falls-the world's most powerful waterfall. While on the cruise, watch crocodiles, hundreds of hippos, buffaloes, water birds, apes and so many beautiful birds until you are at bottom of the 43 meters high and famous Murchison Falls.

You will a walk a gentle trail along the falls and reach on top for clear viewing, you will stories to tell!
You will find your vehicle waiting to take you for lunch at even a more interesting lodge- Chobe where you will have you lunch and stay for overnight. You relax at the banks of Nile and keep watch of several bird species.

Day 18: Ziwa Sanctuary and return to Kampala

Set off from Chobe lodge and go to Ziwa through Karuma where you will not miss more spectacular falls. At Ziwa sanctuary, you will enjoy experience with rhinos and yes, several birds. Eat your lunch at Ziwa's canteen before driving back to Kampala.

Day 19: Transfer to Airport and Depart

Your dedicated guide-driver will be on-time to pick your up to catch your flight. We are glad that we got an opportunity to give the best of Uganda! We can't wait to receive your trip feedback!

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