About us

Africa Wild Explorations is a true African safari company that is committed to promoting responsible tourism by ensuring the preservation of wildlife, their wilds and African heritage. We are ecosystem sensitive and take pride in local community direct support and involvement in our tour packages. We are driven by a green approach to tourism for sustainable conservation.

We support rural communities that surround our destinations/parks to benefit from tourism. We are confident that when communities see the protected areas as source of their sustainable livelihoods, they will guard them jealously and reduce extractive economic activities such as illegal logging and bush meat poaching.

Our goal is to promote sustainable tourism in areas we promote and use tourism as an opportunity to diversify local economies by introducing an industry that is dependent upon the preservationof natural resources rather than their extraction. We appreciate that natural environment conservation cannot be achieved without proper community engagement and support.

Africa Wild Explorations is dedicated to conducting responsible travel to Africa for the long term benefit of future generations. We will help you book a responsible tourism safari.

By choosing us, you are sure that part of your dollar will go to creating a lasting change to lives of vulnerable communities, including the Batwa and the Ik, two of the endangered minority tribes in western and north eastern Uganda respectively. Contact us for more details on our community and environmental sustainable initiatives.

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